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Wednesday, August 15th, 2018


Jim and Pat - Vero Beach Errands - are wonderful. They gave us the peace of mind while our Vero Beach home was being renovated. They were our eyes and ears. I felt as if we were there the entire renovation!! Now that it is complete, and perfectly I might add , thanks to Jim and Pat, they are still there for us - checking the house, watering plants, picking up packages, checking the boat and lift. We decided we wanted the TV's mounted on the walls - and it was done within a week! Wanted a walkway to the dock - done.. They are like having a genie in a bottle - we wish something was done and it gets done!! We never have to worry about being in PA - I know they are caring for my Vero Beach home as if it were their own.
Bill & Robin D. Digmans Ferry, Pa.

Vero Beach Errands is my "go to company".. Living in NY and having a home in Vero Beach is not a problem if Jim and Pat are working with you.. They are there for anything you need, big or small AND they make owning a second home  hassle free! Great people and a GREAT company!
Kelly D. Scranton Pa.

Put your mind at ease - call Vero Beach Errands!! Jim and Pat will make your home their home!! That is what it feels like - if you cannot be there -  they are.. whether it's getting mail, buying groceries or having renovations done, they take care of everything. I purchased a home sight unseen on their recommendation and have had no regrets. Vero Beach Errands is on the job, checking my home when I am not there, getting it set up for my arrival and giving me the peace of mind while I am in NY... When I arrive in Vero Beach it is like I have never left.. they have thought of everything!! Professional and personal - a great combination...
Joan S. Highland Falls, NY

VERO BEACH ERRANDS is not responsible for any damage to your premises while we are not on site.

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