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Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

We Are Jim & Pat Powers, Owners Of VERO BEACH ERRANDS, And This Is Our Story

Pat's Story!

I know the stress of working full time while raising a family.  Living in upstate New York on a 50 acre farm (usual farm animals - cows, sheep, horses, dogs and cats) time management, quick thinking and being flexible were absolute necessities.  When the time was right we sold our farm and moved to a warmer climate where we started a coffee/ice cream shop in Ocean City, MD. 

Six successful years later we sold our business to move to North Carolina to be with our daughter and grandchildren.  We spent two years while our son-in-law served in  Afghanistan.  This was a wonderful experience for all of us.  We had the opportunity to share some exciting changes in our grandchildren’s lives during their pre-teen years.  We soon realized that today’s parents are faced with many stressful challenges.  Three parents in the home and there still wasn’t enough time to get everything done.  Our son-in-law returned home safely from Afghanistan and it was time for us to officially retire from our role as Resident Grandparents.

Although we enjoyed North Carolina we wanted a warmer climate and sunny Florida was calling our name.  We do love Florida and especially Vero Beach and the surrounding areas.  We spent three years enjoying local points of interest, travelling throughout the State and travelling to Italy and Greece.  Now we are ready to begin our next adventure.

As a result of personal observation we decided on Vero Beach Errands.  Many residents in the Vero Beach area need a helping hand.  We can provide for the occasional need that may arise.  When time, work or distance prevent you from offering the support needed we can be your extended family member to help with sudden unexpected situations. When you’re not here - we’ll be here for you, making life easier, one errand at a time.

Jim's Story!

With over  45 years experience in both the corporate and small business world, I have dealt with the highest levels of management in firms like Corning Glass in upstate New York,  government executives through the real estate business in the mid-atlantic states, to the smallest munchkins on the beach in Ocean City Md, at my ice cream parlor. From the board room to the boardwalk - the goal was always the same- my first priority was to make them happy (colored sprinkles on their ice cream cones worked the best), and  the second was  to get it done quickly (getting the president into his corner office, or having the new home settle on time - always a top priority). Time is money!  Whether it is the time of the single mom juggling scouts, soccer, and dinner (yes- did all that - soccer coach, scout leader, dad, grandad) or small business person trying to put out all the fires of the day( yup did that too - small business guy, real estate exec, business partner and of course - ice cream dipper), time is money!

Family has always been very important to me.  With my wife and partner Pat by my side, we have raised 2 children, have been blessed with 2 grandchildren, and have helped care for elderly parents. Raising our family on a 50 acre farm in the Finger Lakes region of New York life was always an adventure - not knowing what was around the next corner, or when the snow would stop falling, I had to be at the  top of my game, all the time.   Life is never simple or easy, but my contribution to Vero Beach Errands, and my commitment to our customers is  “to make life easier, one errand at a time”.

VERO BEACH ERRANDS is not responsible for any damage to your premises while we are not on site.

VERO BEACH ERRANDS is not responsible for any damage to your premises while we are not on site.

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